Luxury vinyl installation


LVP installs

Most installers arrive at each store around 9 am to pick up products, discuss expectations and conditions of the job site and then are dispatched to the job site around 9:30-10:00 am. The installer may have multiple stops in one day or may be running behind. At times installers can be delayed due to unforeseen floor circumstances, please call with any concerns regarding installation time. If scheduled for the second install of the day, eta can be difficult to determine until the first project has started. Upon arrival your installer will need access to electricity throughout the install as well as a clear path from their van to the working area.

What to expect

Louder noises are to be expected when having LVP installed. Installers may need to undercut door jambs which can be very noisy and lead to dust. When installing LVP baseboards are typically pulled and replaced for an additional cost, which will be itemized on the invoice. Pulling baseboards that have been previously painted will need touch-ups. A customer can avoid having to pull and replace baseboards by asking our team members about shoe molding instead. Carpet Wholesalers will not be responsible for damaged or broken trims that are dry or brittle wood and or trims that are not made to be pulled and replaced.



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