Here’s to your new carpet

When you’re looking for a floor covering that offers a comforting warmth as well as inviting elegance, carpet flooring is often a go-to material you won’t want to miss. In addition to stunning good looks, it’s also far more beneficial than the average homeowner might think. Yes, even stains are no longer the worry they were in years past while durability has moved up as well. Now, you can easily install these floors tomorrow and still be enjoying them decades from now.

At Carpet Wholesalers, you’ll find no gimmicks in what we have to offer. In addition to high-quality floor coverings from some of the best name brands, you can also expect a price tag that won’t break your budget. We have 3 showrooms, located in Defiance, OH; Bryan, OH; and Napoleon, OH, and from those locations, we proudly serve Defiance, Paulding, Holgate, Archbold, Hicksville, Bryan, Pioneer, Striker, Edgerton, Edon and Van Wert, OH. Our services are also taken advantage of in Napoleon, Hamler, Wauseon, Liberty Center, Delta, Van Wert, Convoy, Spencerville, Lima, and Middle Point. Visit us for yourself to find out how we can assist you too.

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It’s important when narrowing down your choices for a favorite carpet, to make sure you have exactly what you want in both materials and services. Underpadding, for instance, is something some homeowners choose to skip in order to save a few dollars on the budget. While this is definitely not a rare occurrence, we do advise strongly in favor of underpadding. Not only does it add plush softness, but it can help keep your carpet from aging prematurely, especially under great duress with regard to traffic.

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Find the right fiber for your home's needs

Matching a fiber to your specific traffic level is another very important factor in getting the best carpet possible. For instance, some fibers are better suited for higher levels of traffic, while others seem to have been created specifically for the most elegant underfoot feel. Polyester and nylon are both great choices for busier homes, resisting stains and crushing while also have good color options in order to match the highest number of decor options.

Other benefits you can look forward to in carpet include noise reduction, heat retention, and a stable surface area that can help prevent falls. If falls do happen, serious injury is often avoided thanks to the lushness of the surface.