Floor care and maintenance


Carpet maintenance:

The most important part of maintaining your carpet is making sure you are using the correct vacuum. All manufacturers require customers to use vacuums with an adjustable beater bar for their carpet warranties to be valid. Sweepers without an adjustable beater bar or one that isn't adjusted to the correct height actually beat the fibers in your carpet down and lead to matting and the fibers untwisting. Beater bars should barely touch the fibers of your carpet. Many people are distracted by finding a vacuum with the most suction power, however, the higher the suction you will risk the suction being too strong, and could break down and suck out the latex in the carpet backing. You do not need the most expensive nor do you need the one with the highest suction power to maintain your carpet. Vacuuming should be done at least once a week and for homes that have more traffic or residents should probably sweep twice a week.

Vacuum Height – Adjustable height is the most important feature. A vacuum set too high above the carpet surface won’t get to the gritty soil and debris below. A vacuum’s beater bar or brushes can “fuzz” the carpet’s surface if the setting is too low. Your ideal height setting for airflow is based on pile height and fiber type.Use carpeting in your closets to perform test runs.

Suction Type – Extreme suction power does not ensure effective removal of dirt and debris and can even cause damage to the carpet. Avoid concentrated or sealed suction for high pile, premium soft carpet.

Vacuuming should be done at least once a week and for homes that have more traffic or residents should probably sweep twice a week.


Most carpet warranties require the homeowner to professionally clean their carpet every 12-18 months for the warranty to stay valid. This cleaning typically would be a hot water extraction cleaning as opposed to steam cleaning. We currently recommend Sammons Services LTD - (419)-630-7656



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Dealing with spots and spills:

Accidents can happen and even the most resilient carpets need to be cleaned. For cleaning spots and spills check out the related section on the Carpet and Rug Institute's website on how to tackle them!
Floor care and maintenance in Northwest, OH from Carpet Wholesalers

LVP care & maintenance:

After installation, Carpet Wholesalers recommends putting felt pads beneath all furniture to minimize scratches and help ease the weight of heavy items. Do not use a steam mop, however, a Bona Mop or any Swiffer mop should do the trick! Bissel Crosswaves are also safe to use on your luxury vinyl planking. Do not use rolling chairs on your luxury vinyl flooring, it will cause breakages and severe damage. If it is necessary for you to use rolling chairs, please find a chair mat to place over the floor to help protect it as much as possible.