Carpet installation


Before the install

Most installers get to each store around 9 am to cut products, go over job site conditions/expectations and then dispatch to the jobsite around 9:30-10:00 am. The installer may have multiple stops in one day or may be running behind. At times installers can be delayed due to unforeseen floor circumstances, please call with any concerns regarding installation time. If scheduled for the second install of the day, eta can be difficult to determine until the first project has started.

When they arrive

Upon arrival, your installer will need access to electricity throughout the install as well as a clear path from their van to the working area. This is important because carpet comes 12 feet wide and can be difficult to maneuver. Unfortunately because of the layout of most homes and with the size of carpet rolls, your walls may have scratches from the rough backing on carpet. Please prepare for touch ups as our installers will do their best to make sure they are protecting your walls as much as possible.



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About seams

Most rooms installed with carpet will have a seam. Our managers are capable of working up projects with fewer seams but it would lead to a lot more carpet waste. Carpet waste is inevitable, therefore we offer rug binding services for any customer who would like to use their scrap. Seams can alleviate the amount of waste and all of our managers have years of experience on deciding where the best placement for a seam is. Our managers will look to see where your high traffic areas are located and see where the previous seam was.

However, if you are concerned with the seam in a particular place, please discuss seam placements with the manager. The installer will do their best to make seams unnoticeable however, some carpets naturally hide seams better than others and some lighting will make a seam more noticeable.
Carpet installation in Northwest, OH from Carpet Wholesalers

Protecting baseboards and moldings

Baseboards and shoe moldings are items that in most cases do not need to be pulled for a carpet installation. Most carpets have a rough backing that can lead to minor scratches on your baseboards and moldings. Touch-ups are to be expected especially if painting was completed within 6 weeks before our arrival. Carpet Wholesalers recommends using painter's tape to cover trims to prevent scratching as it has proven to be the best option.